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Things were finally, blessedly, amazingly calm. Nobody was dying, nobody was God, nobody was universe hopping or saving the world. Just a few weeks in a row where things were peaceful. Rose switched to R&D for a while, worked from behind the scenes rather than in the field while Mickey took her place. She worked nine to five, spent evenings and weekends with Cas, took trips when they had the time. In short, it was normal. 

Which, obviously, meant something had to go wrong. 

It was late, they'd spent the evening flopped on Rose's overstuffed couch watching zombie movies, much to Castiel's confusion and amusement, and Rose was nearly ready to turn in.


Because some late night alone time was never a bad idea. She shifted up, caught his lips in a kiss, sprawled across his chest like some sort of chip-obsessed cat. Curled her fingers in his shirt, tilted her head in a bit further--

And then there was light. Bright and sudden, intense, and then gone.

Cas froze beneath her.

Well, someone did, anyway.

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Dean and Sam were not showing up to punch him much. They weren't running off on jobs. He wasn't being yelled at and strung up for leaving. Things were calm and he was happy about that. He wasn't constantly worrying about her and her job. He had seen first hand what happened there and after the whole vortex issue it kind of scared him. It was good to just slow down. There was nothing threatening the Earth and he didn't have guilt resting on his shoulders. They could be normal.

Normally he was quite happy to participate in late night bed shenanigans. That is what Rose called them when they were in the company of other people. It was better than saying what it really was. It also wasn't as obvious if they did have to talk about it. Apparently talking about ones sex life was still very bad. She had told him that on his first day with her and he still didn't see the point. He probably never would.

It was about the time she started grabbing his shirt that things got iffy. He felt a sort of shooting pain like he was being ripped apart, but his vessel felt fine. Then just like that it went dark for Castiel. Very dark.

Jimmy's body tensed and the heavy weight on top of him made him panic. What the hell was happening? Was this a dream? Was he in bed with his wife? What was happening? This wasn't what he remembered. The last thing he remembered was bleeding out in that warehouse while Castiel loomed overhead. What was happening.

He pulled back from the woman and his eyes were wide. When he registered a foreign face in the darkness he panicked. He pushed her off and scooted out of the bed rather quickly. "Who are you?"

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One second, she was easing into slipping a hand up his shirt, the next she was on the other side of the bed and her other half was scampering away like a nutter. Staring at her, wide-eyed, and she couldn't help but stare, wide-eyed, right back. What the hell--

And then he spoke, and that was definitely not Castiel's voice. No, it was higher, lacked the gravelly tones, had kind of... kind of an accent. And it sounded way too human.

She scooted out of the bed, too, on the opposite side. "Who am I? Who the hell're you?"

Oh, crap, this wasn't good. This was like... Invasion of the Body Snatchers bad. Definitely not the first time she's had to deal with something else wearing the face of someone she knows, and smart money says it's probably not the last.
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What? She was just groping him and he has to answer to her? This was not good. This was weird. This wasn't supposed to happen. Castiel was controlling his body. Castiel was keeping his family safe. He knew now that he needed Castiel in his life. He couldn't protect them on his own. They just got hurt. Castiel had promised him that he would protect them and keep them from harms way. He wouldn't possess his little girl and he would stay in Jimmy. What had happened?

Jimmy pointed at her and looked around. "You were just groping me!" He wasn't a man who cheated or ever really thought about cheating. He was faithful to his wife. He had never strayed outside of the marriage and never had any want to. He was happy with her. Then again he never anticipated for an angel to take over and go make out with a random blonde girl. A random English blonde girl. What the hell was going on?

"I'm Jimmy. This is my body. Where's Castiel?" He was worried that something bad had happened. If Castiel was dead then he was screwed. His family was screwed. He'd have to contact the Winchester's and see if they could get them to safety. He needed to keep them safe. They were his main priority if Castiel was hurt and he was left out in the cold.

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Oi! She was not just some random blonde girl. She was a very important blonde girl, who happened to be shagging a guy that... stole a body. Oh, god-- Her eyes widened, her mouth dropped open. This- this was Jimmy? How was that- she thought he was- she didn't think he could-

Oh, god, what happened to Castiel?

"I dunno, here was- he was there until- there was this light, and now you're-" This was probably bad. This was probably very bad. How could she fix it- how could she put it right? Not exactly like she could march up to Heaven and demand answers. Pretty sure even Pete doesn't have connections that good. Damn, damn.

A beat.

"I wasn't groping, that wasn't groping."

Date: 2012-03-14 06:50 am (UTC)
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She was a random blonde girl to Jimmy. He didn't have any connections to her. She had just been feeling him up. He didn't remember much. Like he said before it was like being chained to a comet. He didn't remember a whole hell of a lot of anything. Nothing stuck really. He didn't even know where Castiel got plucked to. He could be in Heaven. He could be down under. He could be somewhere else in another body. It was all up in the air right now.

"It was groping!" He spun around looking the room over. He looked down at his lack of pants. He had on boxers which was nice, but there was a left over problem. Something that Castiel had probably been experiencing and then when he popped out Jimmy was was now left with it. "Great. You were getting handsy with an angel. The angel who has my body. I thought they didn't do that!"

Is this what Castiel was doing now? Playing grab ass with a blonde in another country? He was aware that he needed Castiel to stay alive, but if this how he spent his time he wasn't sure if he liked that. Did this girl even know what he was? Wait. She had to. She didn't look freaked out and she seemed to adjust easily.

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"To be fair, it wasn't your body at the time, was it, mate? I didn't- you weren't supposed to still be in there. And who says handsy? Nobody says handsy." Freaking out. Freaking out. She stalked around the bed, grabbed up a pair of pajama bottoms and chucked them across the room at his head. Frankly, this Jimmy guy was rubbing her the wrong way, insinuating she was a random shag in an otherwise angelically long list. She was brilliant, thanks very much, blonde or no.

Crap, crap, crap, what should she do? Dean. She should call Dean, see if he knew how to find Cas. He was a good start, anyway. She tugged her bedroom door open, hurried out it and jogged down the hall. Her cell was plugged into an outlet in the living room, and she grabbed it. Dialed the number.

Voice-mail. Brilliant.

"Dean- listen- I dunno what happened, there was this light- a flash, and then Jimmy- I dunno, okay, just call me back."

Oh, bloody hell. This was not good. Maybe she should pray or something? And... probably keep Jimmy from having some sort of panic attack, but she was a little reluctant to actually talk to that guy, at the moment.

Date: 2012-03-15 12:04 pm (UTC)
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"It's my body all the time! It's my body! He just borrows it to keep my family safe. How is this not my body?" You see now. He's starting to bring logic into the fold. Goddamn you, Jimmy. You will never make friends with Castiel's woman by being rude, but he honestly can't help it. He just came to and was being groped by a blonde British woman. Wait a second. Was he in England? Why did Castiel shuffle him off to England? Last he remembered they were living in the states and traveling the roads? Why was Castiel settled down in some apartment with a girl?

"I say handsy! It's a very logical word." What was happening? One second it was all be normal and you could die and the next Castiel was living a rather human life in another country? You'll have to excuse him if he's not even remotely sensitive right now. He's confused and he doesn't have pants. Which she quickly corrected by throwing at his face. He pulled them free and then on. He felt awkward. So very awkward.

He did follow her out and into the living room. He crossed his arms over his chest and tried to stay calm. "Dean, you better fix this!" He shouted before she hung up. He looked around the room and then at her. "Wait. Why am I not dead? I was dying. Before he took over I was shot. Bleeding to death." Excuse him as he gropes his chest trying to figure out why he's not dead.

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He was shouting at her from the bedroom, and she had to plug her free ear to give herself a chance to concentrate. Blimey, he was a mouthy one, wasn't he? Very loud, not very calm under pressure, not very good at adapting to new situations, considering he's a vessel for a flippin' angel. She flipped the phone closed and threw up her hands, her own freak-out multiplied by his. If he'd just calm down, she'd calm down enough to wrap her head around it, but it was hard to get a grip with all the shouting.

"That's the thing, isn't it? That's why we thought- because you were supposed to be, you know, gone on, to heaven. That body- it's been destroyed, this one's brand new, brought back from nothing. It's just s'posed to look like you, or something, I dunno, I'm not exactly the boss of... vessel... things." Her voice was high and sharp and panicked, and she pulled back a second. Okay. Deep breaths. Calm down.

She turned her back on him a second, pressed her fingers to her lips. She wanted to be sympathetic, but... Cas was gone. She's got a right to be freaked out, she thinks, considering the man she loves up and disappeared, and she doesn't know how to help...

Okay. Just. Focus, Rose.

She turned around, let out a breath, and looked him over warily, a bit more personable now. Moved forward, pressed a hand to his shoulder. "Look- Jimmy. Hullo, Jimmy. My name's Rose. This is- I know this must be really, really weird. Trust me, I do this kind of thing for a living, and it's just... absolutely, completely insane. I know. So just... take a deep breath, I'll fix us some tea, and you can ask whatever questions you like. Okay?"

Date: 2012-03-15 12:23 pm (UTC)
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Being a vessel was originally a good thing. It let Jimmy know that his God was real. His world was real. He was doing something incredibly great. He was helping. He had a purpose. The minute he got control of his body he didn't want to be in that life anymore. He wanted out. He wanted to be free. He wanted to be with his family. He missed them so much. He missed waking up every morning and seeing his little girl. Being a vessel for Castiel was no longer what he wanted for himself. He wanted to go back. You could only imagine how he felt now after seeing what Castiel was doing.

She seemed to calm and her voice came down a few notches. He was able to take a deep breath and finally get a handle on the insanity running through his brain right now. Things were crazy. Everything was so twisted around. She offered tea and question time. He nodded because he wasn't sure if it was safe to open his mouth or if more ranting would happen without his say.

He followed her into the kitchen and stayed quiet until he stopped moving. This seemed to be the most important one. "I would like to know why Castiel is having relations in my body. When I last left him he wasn't exactly a personable guy. Pretty monotone and not one to just settle down and live. What happened?"

Date: 2012-03-15 12:36 pm (UTC)
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She moved around the kitchen like she always moved around the kitchen in times of crisis. If she had a dollar for every time she offered some crazy nutter tea, she'd be a millionaire. Apparently it worked, though, so she kept on with it. Her go-to move. When she died, people would look back and say, 'I remember Rose. She made me tea, once.'

Honestly, not the worst thing to be remembered for.

Especially if the alternative is 'Hey, I remember Rose, I woke up and she was groping me'.

She paused half-way through and blinked at him, then groaned and pressed a hand to her head. "Oh my god, I snogged a married bloke. You're married, and I was just-- and you were all-- oh, god. Do not-" She held up a finger. Serious times, you better listen, Jimmy. "-Tell my mum."

That settled, she put the kettle on and leaned against the stove, looking down. Contemplated her answer. "It's... a bit complicated. He... well, he sort of died, and came back, and he was... human. Seriously, really human, and he didn't have anywhere else to go, didn't really understand humanity, so I... we watched the Muppets, and had chips, and it... well... It's been months, and we..."

Date: 2012-04-12 07:03 am (UTC)
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Jimmy bowed his head when she brought up his marriage. He felt bad for her. She had gone from the single and weird angel to the married man with a chip on his shoulder. This wasn't exactly a picnic for him either. Jimmy's head jerked backwards when she pointed at him. "I didn't have any intention of doing that. Has he met your mother? He isn't exactly parent friendly."

Jimmy fell silent as she tried to explain the relationship to him. Apparently Castiel had been very busy since the last time Jimmy had run the show. He didn't think the guy knew how to have a good time. He wasn't even sure the guy was allowed to have sex. He was a former angel now so was that even allowed? Didn't they get mad about things like that?

"So he's human." That didn't explain as to why the angel's had yanked him out and wanted to have a conversation with him. Whatever was happening up there couldn't be good. They had "reformed" him the first time they yanked him up there. If they did that to him again then his relationship with this woman was in danger. "You should brace yourself for him to change when he comes back."

Date: 2012-04-12 07:33 am (UTC)
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"He did. She think he' s Italian," She grinned for a second, and then it slid off her face and she ducked her head, ashamed. Because technically, it was Jimmy's bod. Jimmy who she paraded around to her mum, who her mum thought was Italian. He gave his permission, yeah, but he probably didn't know it was permission for that.

She cleared her throat, pushed her hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. Set mugs down on the table, and sugar, and milk. Mechanically taken up with the task of fixing tea.

"Yeah, he's... human. Socks and showers and beans on toast, the whole lot of it. Not bad at it, either, no matter what he says. Just needs a bit of guidance, is all." She brought the kettle over and filled up his mug, then hers. Frowned and sat down, stirring in the milk. "Wait- how d'you mean, change? What sort of change? What're they doing to him up there?"

Date: 2012-04-12 08:41 am (UTC)
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How the angel managed to convince this woman's mother he was Italian was beyond Jimmy's scope. Apparently Castiel had a few real world skills tucked away for a rainy day. "He does give off the foreigner vibe pretty easily. The speech pattern and no actual knowledge of how things work really help sell the notion too." Castiel could probably convince anyone that he was from a different country. Just had to act like himself.

"That's good." As much as Jimmy would have loved to have gone back home to his family this was for the best. They were safer without Jimmy. As long as he wasn't under Castiel's protection then the demon's would hunt him. They wanted a vessel that wasn't driven crazy. A number of things about this situation were unsettling, but this wasn't exactly ideal to begin with. "I think it's kinda like angel bootcamp. When you mess up they take you up there to uh--" He tried to think of a polite way to put this. He didn't want to alarm her. "work the humanity out of you. I thnk Castiel has a number of things to answer for up top."

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"Fact that he speaks fluent Italian doesn't hurt the notion either, I s'pose," She tacked on, shrugging one shoulder. She could buy foreign. Way foreign.

She paused, though, and set her mug down with a little too much force. Some tea sloshed out and onto her hand, and she jerked away, hissing in pain. Hot. She stuffed her fingers in her mouth, but didn't stop staring at him incredulously. "Wait- boot camp? So they're just gonna... they're gonna suck it all out of him? The humanity- everything? That's- we've gotta do something. How d'you even know this?"

She grabbed a napkin, pressed it to her stinging skin without paying much attention. This wasn't good- how do you rescue someone from heaven? The TARDIS probably couldn't even do that.


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