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If our muses have ever had any interactions at all, feel free to comment and I'll add you to the chart to illustrate how Rose feels about you! This serves two purposes: curiositylols and keeping our CR straight! Don't be shy, I get all giddy when I get tags on stuff like this.

✖ - Hate
♛ - Slight dislike 
† - Wary
♧ - Neutral / Confused
★ - Friends
★★ - Good Friends
★★★ - Best Friends
♡ -  Considers Family
£ - Interested In
- Crush
❤❤ - Falling Hard
❤ - Love

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codes by [ profile] yuanru

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Separation/Reunion Meme. Considering Rose has been a little inactive, lately, I figure it's a fitting one to try and bring her back with! =D
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 Injured Meme!
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 The 'fuck this I just want to play' meme.

The 'hardest thing to say' meme.

Seven Minutes in Heaven meme.
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Action Film Quiet Drama Scene Meme.

Quite a mouthful for a meme title. 

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Rose is just a ball of holiday cheer, and is therefor outside the door, after knocking, propping up a lovely Christmas tree.

Love Meme

Dec. 1st, 2011 01:03 pm
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The RP Love Meme! 

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The Random Scenario Meme! 

Completely and totally open. 
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Memes - all open.

The Intimacy Meme 

The Mix Tape Meme - Which songs remind you of Rose?

The Hurt/Comfort Meme

Hardest Thing to Say Meme

All are open and backtagging is okay.
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Rose has an open post in [ profile] the_love_hotel if anybody is interested. Not necessarily smut, but encouraged, and not counted toward her canon. Just for the fun of it, and inspired by a bit of IC dancing the other night.
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Maybe if you put it in small font, you'll look less needy.

Link fix'd.


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