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Feel free to leave any comments, criticism, complaints, or compliments that you'd like. I'm absolutely okay with it, and would love a really well thought out review for improvement.

Edit: If you'd feel more comfortable, there is a meme-based HMD here.

A more recent one as of 12/11/2011 - Here
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Hullo, this is Rose. If you're from Torchwood, I've told you a million times, call the work number. Otherwise, leave a message. Except you, Mum. Stop leaving me messages.

And Doctor- if it takes more than six messages to say, it's gonna have to wait. Seven if the world's ending, eight if there's a sale.

Twenty New Messages!
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In the event of total LiveJournal collapse, this Rose has an account on Dreamwidth as pinkandyellow so feel free to add that, drop me a line, anything of the sort. All entries will be regularly imported to make the transition as seamless as possible if it should come down to that.

It's horrendously, horrendously unlikely, but it never hurts to be prepared. 
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Sorry guys, my tags might be sporadic or really slow for the next few days. I should be back in gear soon, so if I'm late or miss tags, feel free to pop on IM and punch me in the face, or send me links to anything I've missed. Sorry, guys! You know how the holidays go. 


Love Meme

Dec. 1st, 2011 01:03 pm
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The RP Love Meme! 

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1. How it began
2. First day out. Rose goes for candyfloss.
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Maybe if you put it in small font, you'll look less needy.

Link fix'd.

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“So, you're not him.” It was an innocent enough question, and Rose wrapped her arms around her legs as she asked, staring out toward the water. The Doctor sitting next to her shook his head.

“Nope. Well, yes, but at the same time, a great, big, resounding no.” He rubbed at the back of his hair, ruffling it in a manner so familiar, it almost undid the gravity of his answer. She rested her chin on her knees and glanced over at him.

“I don't understand. You look the same, you mentioned Canary Wharf-”

“All of that did happen to me, Rose. I'm sure it happened to a hundred versions of me, and it was probably all pretty similar. And there are versions of me where it never happened at all, or versions of you that never met me, or places like this universe, where I never existed. Infinite number of universes, infinite number of possibilities.” He tilted his head, watching a ship glide across the open water.

“But when you- he- the last time he was here, he said-”

“He was wrong. Not impossible, happens from time to time. Probably thought the walls were sealed up, as well. Just because they are on his side doesn't mean there isn't damage on your side, or the rest of them, either.” He shoved off the bench, wandering out toward the place where the sidewalk met safety rail, and leaned against it.

She stayed seated for a few moments longer, watching him, a question rolling around in her mouth.

“Aren't you going to ask me?” He spoke up without looking at her.

“Ask you what?”

“If I'll take you back to him.” Damn. Different version of him, and he still knew her. It was... painful.

“Will you?”

He turned to face her, crossing his arms across his chest.


Her brow furrowed, and a frown instantly tugged at her lips. She let her legs drop, and shoved off the bench herself. “Why not?”

He didn't answer, but something in his eyes... they flicked away from her face, but it was too late. She'd seen the pain, touching just at the corners.

“Doctor...” He stiffened, then relaxed. “What happened to your Rose?”

He lowered his eyes, and his arms, and his fingers curled around the railing. He didn't answer, at first, not for a long time, but Rose knew to wait. He might've been different, but really, he was the same.

He made a noise, the short, casual intake of breath, and said simply... “She fell.”

It took Rose a minute to catch on, and when she did... oh.

“Into the void. She lost her grip, and fell into Hell. And the walls closed around her. Trapped there. A second, a minute, a year, it doesn't matter. She'd've gone mad.” He closed his eyes. “And it was my fault.”

Rose didn't think. Didn't stop to consider that she might have been hurting the situation more than helping it. She strode forward, wrapping her arms around his middle, pressing her head to his chest. For a long time, he didn't move. And then he did, he curled around her, gripping her, pressing his face into her hair. He didn't make any noise, but she felt something warm, something wet, and she squeezed her eyes shut.

It was over instantly. He broke away, separating himself from her, striding down the sidewalk by a few yards. His hands in his pockets. His stance stiff.

“I'll help you.” He didn't sound like a man that'd just been crying. He didn't sound like a man in pain. He sounded like a man who had nothing else.

He strode forward, and didn't turn to make sure she followed.

She did.
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Player Information
Name: Emmy
Personal LJ: [ profile] emmynine
AIM/Plurk/etc.: EmmyNine - AIM
Time zone: EST
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Rose Tyler
Fandom: Doctor Who
Timeline Summary: Rose is taken from nearly the end of the episode 'Journey's End', while everyone is holed up on the TARDIS, helping Ten pilot.
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The Directory Meme!

For anyone who might be interested in developing some CR, or maybe a verse, some one-offs, anything! Doesn't have to be in-fandom. Rose is sociable!


Sep. 20th, 2011 04:11 am
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The list and breif description of the verses she's currently involved in.

Cut for Length )

On Rose

Aug. 12th, 2011 03:22 am
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Some stuff that might be relevant to your interests when it comes to plotting. Most if it below cuts to save space.

Where is Rose in cannon?

~~ )

All questions welcome~

If you're interested in starting a plot, by all means, hit me up, either on this post ooc'ly, or leave a message on the other, whichever you're more comfortable with. I'm up for anything =Db


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