Nov. 2nd, 2011

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Because I'm a derp and forgot to log it, it's a backlog of everything done with [ profile] scots_fuzz, to help keep the verse straight. List is in order.

1. The initial meeting, in which she showers him with coffee.
2. Bumping into him again- because what is coincidence?
3. Breaking and entering- it always ends in tea.
4. Catching a film. As mates. Totally just mates. 8| No Really. Really guys. 
5. Okay, the whole snogging thing was purely coincidental. Totally just mates.  Stop looking at me like that.
6. It's not awkward. Because nothing happened. Because they're just mates. 
7. Oh, bugger off.
8. In which Creepy Guy makes an appearance. 
9. Somehow, it all leads back to snogging.
10. They're going to have to talk about these shared dreams. 
11. Rose has a dream that Liam is shot
12. Needless to say, she isn't pleased when she finds him playing with guns. Also, about that... mates thing.
13. Date night. As not-mates. Fancy that. Oh, stop acting like you knew the whole time. No one could've seen.... shut up.
14. Scrubbing Dem Bubbles
15. Of all of the dreams they have, she probably likes this one the best.
16. Totally not above snogging in a closet. 
17. Near Death Experiences and CPR.


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